Apothecary Fox is the outlet for my lifestyle and design passions, and most importantly my love for all things handmade. 
I sincerely hope you like what you find here, as it is put together with a whole lot of love. 
I love Letterpress Prints, Home Accessories, Kitchen Gadgets, Jewellery, Bedlinen (oh, how much do I LOVE bedding!), Furniture, Handbags...I think you probably get the picture. I want to celebrate and share the talents of independent artisans, as well as cheer for the bigger gals and guys who just get it so right! 

I like all kinds of things. Colour is a passion and you will quickly understand that Pink and Green are at the top of the list. Vintage inspires me, florals send me into a spin and don't even get me started on stripes!

Born in Boston, raised in Vermont and the Borders of Scotland, independent (historically single!), fiercely loyal, child free (that pic is of me, on a Swan Boat in the Common) but devoted to my nephews and nieces (what a bonus Aunt-hood is!) and very very passionate about surrounding myself with beautiful things. I love girly, but would never describe myself as a girly girl. I admire and respect those who can work with their own hands to create unique and amazing things, and am frustrated that I do not have the patience to do the same.

Apothecary Fox is a little like therapy, giving an injection of colour, charm, delight and beauty to my life. A place where you can visit and somehow everything has a rosy glow. I hope you find that here too, or I will have to give you a stronger prescription!
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