Friday, April 30, 2010


So, how was your week? We had a freak snow storm in Vermont that left a few thousand homes with no power and some people digging themselves out of their houses. Can you imagine getting two feet of snow just when you had packed up your winter clothes and busted out the BBQ? Fortunately we only had a sprinkling of a few inches, just enough to make everything look pretty without the need for a shovel.

All right, let's get to this week's Foxy Finds shall we?
The Kingdom Animalia, Wooden Fox by Enormous Champion

"Playboy" Pinstripe Fox Plush (on left) and "Rusty" Wool Fox Plush (on right)
by Dog & Daemona

"A flying fox..." Giclee Print by Penelope and Pip

Small Foxy Felt Trivet by Pepper Sprouts

Fox Vinyl Wall Decal by Route 3 Studios

Since I have toyed with the idea of venturing into the decal world, this one would be too perfect don't you think? How can I resist, right?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art & Illustration: Amy Ruppel

I stumbled upon the work of Oregon resident, illustrator and artist Amy Ruppel today, and couldn't wait to share her work with you. She creates paintings using wax, paper and oils on wood, and favours a subject matter that celebrates the flora and fauna that surround her. Amy's series of works based on the birds, bugs and animals of our fair states really is just beautiful. Soft colours and simple silhouettes embellished with delicate linear details. Forgive my bias, but my choices reflect my state of Vermont on this one.

State Animals...

Vermont, White Tailed Deer

State Birds...
Vermont, Hermit Thrush

State Insects...

Vermont, Monarch Butterfly

Amy's State series are all original paintings, and many are currently sold, but you can snap up a print of any of them for a snip at just $20 each. Visit Amy's etsy shop to see what she has in stock, or fire off an email to request your chosen state.

"Clever One" Print

Artwork for the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival 2009 poster, held at Shelburne Farms, Vermont (killing me with the cuteness of those hearts on the animals, and the folk art details to this poster!). Love it.

I am so glad I found this poster, as it prompted me to learn more about this event. This year's Cheese Festival will be held on Sunday July 25th 2010 and by the looks of things this is a cheese-fest not to be missed (obligatory booze tastings feature too). Tickets are limited and sell out fast, so don't delay. Marked in my calendar.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am always on the look out for unique children's clothing, as one of my favourite things is to pick out beautiful duds for my nephews and niece. Morgan & Milo is a Boston based children's footwear company, that caught my eye for it's simple but decidedly stylish shoes. My brother pointed out that for once, the boys shoes are almost cooler than the girls, which is rare (but then, he doesn't get as excited about sparkles as I do...).

Check them out...
For the wee Gals

For the wee Guys

Aren't their shoe boxes so cleverly designed? Love this packaging. I have to admit that I would absolutely wear a pair of those metallic Mary-Janes if they made them for grown-ups!

Find your local stockist here.
(Images of shoes are linked to their source)


This week, I am loving crochet, cross-stitch, knitting and embroidery...

1. Heart Rainbow Tapestry Kit, Granny Knit 2. Annabella Crochet Flowers Headband, Chloe and Maddie 3. True Love Cross Stitch Chart, Hello Sailor! Studio

4. Hope Tattoo Needlepoint Kit, Emily Peacock Tapestry 5."Oh, You Pretty Thing" Embroidered Wall Plaque, Sam Gibson 6. Knee High Socks, The Crocodile Rock

7. Tiger Knitting Pattern, Fuzzy Mitten 8. Silhouettes Needle Point Kit, Felicity Hall 9. Seed Pod Necklace, Pirilampo Riscado

DAILY REMEDY FOR... Foundation

"New England" Print by 1canoe2

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

DAILY REMEDY FOR... Creativity

The detail...
"Creativity" Print by Beauchamping

Sensory Therapy: Fig

I truly do not think there is a smell I love more than that of fig. That fresh, green, slightly woody, subtly fruity smell never fails to give me a sense of calm and contentment. This is a scent that is often suggested for men, as it is a little more masculine, not sweet or too fruity. I would consider myself something of a connoisseur when it comes to the best fig scented candles on the market, so I thought I better give you my top picks. These are candles chosen for the quality of scent as well as the burn time (nothing worse than a shelling out on a candle that poops out on you too soon, or doesn't deliver the promised scent!).

Voluspa Fig and Cardamon
(Voluspa candles burn for the longest time, and their scents are strong and true to their descriptions making them the best value by far).

Saving the very best for last here,

Diptyque Figuier

Since starting my new life of self imposed frugality, I have not been in a position to own one of these beauties, and I know they are pricey even when you do have cash. All I can say is, in the scented candle spectrum this Diptyque candle is worth it.

I wear their scent, Philosykos which is a woodier take on the fig scent, described as "the fig tree in all its glory". Completely and utterly divine...

I love Rice... in the Danish homewares and accessories company, Rice. Famous for taking simple melamine tableware to a whole new level, by taking this practical material and designing vibrantly coloured items in all manner of shapes and sizes, Rice offers items for all areas of your life and home. They put the pretty into practical, as well as a healthy dose of fun. Rice sources and manufactures its' products in Thailand, Madagascar and India, providing much needed income to many individuals there. So, all round great stuff!

I picked just a few items from their current range to share with you, perfect for a summer picnic, kids party or for everyday use to brighten up your own home.

Set of Four Melamine bowls and lids

Floral Wave Bowl

Glass Jug with Floral Print

Pink Celebration Melamine Plate

Kids Oven Mitts

Check out their latest products yourself right here. I promise you will be browsing for a while! There website is just packed full of gorgeous items, but to shop these collections you will need to search for your nearest stockist here.

(Images courtesy of Rice)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vermont Finds

It is always a thrill to discover artisans and crafters from Vermont. Even bigger thrill when their work is right up my alley, and today I found just that! Mountain Ash Design is the work of Sarah O. Green, who creates wrap skirts, aprons, belts and more, predominantly from vintage and recycled fabrics. Not only am I completely insane about A-Line wrap skirts of any kind, but Sarah creates one of a kind pieces using details like men's shirt collars and cuffs for waist bands, and contrasting fabrics that combine to make these skirts so beautiful.

Her skirts are inspired by vintage aprons, and her work has a retro flair to it, and that just makes it all the more perfect to me.

Pink Roses Apron Inspired Wrap Skirt

Red Gingham Apron Inspired Wrap Skirt

Dark Bouquet Apron Inspired Wrap Skirt

Farmer's Market Billfold, made from vintage fabric and edged and lined with gingham fabric from a button down shirt.

Sister Gingham Belts with Vintage Buckles

We have an intense love and respect for Gingham in my family, as my brother will tell you. I am in heaven!

I am really enjoying reading her blog to keep me up to date with the craft scene here in Vermont and hope to bump into Sarah and her wares at a craft show soon!

P.S. I am always on the look out for talented artisans in Vermont, to showcase here, and to visit in the flesh. If you are one of those people, or know someone who is, please drop me a line, comment, facebook me etc. and tell me all about the work, send me know the drill. xx

Friday, April 23, 2010

Treasures on Etsy

I spend an inordinate amount of time searching Etsy for things that catch my eye. The vast majority of the finds on Apothecary Fox are either found on Etsy, or are items I see in magazines and on other blogs that turn out to be from Etsy sellers. As you can imagine, it can get tough to keep things fresh and new unless you take some inspiration from others and that is precisely why I wanted to share an Etsy Treasury with you that was created by my most favourite Etsian.

Lori Marie
is the magic behind the shop, Pretty Little Things. You know her work if you read this blog with even one eye open...full of candy colours, cute detail and immense imagination and skill. I have to restrain myself from showing something of hers every week, although this week I decided I just had to share her Puffin Plush with you all. I adore Lori and her work, so I figured who better to send me some fresh finds to keep the juices flowing, so to speak? Voila! Well, she actually put together her own picks for all of you so go on, take a peak.

This is only a wee bit of it...

Check out Lori Marie's entire treasury, Garden Party and get inspired! It definitely did the trick for me!


"Everyday is the Best Day" Print by Heather Jeany

(via Kristin Crane)


Can you believe it is that time of the week already? I have been dog sitting this week, and had the luxury of high speed internet for the entire week, so I am in heaven! No endless trips to the nearest coffee shop for the battery life of my laptop each day. Yippee!

Happy Friday to you all, let's get to it...

"Fox Girl" Print by L'Heure Du The

"Sneaky Fox" Print by Hirondelle Rustique

"Clever Brown Fox" Children's T-Shirt by Happy Family

Foxes Mother's Day Card by The Rasilisk

The weekend is almost here but I have a few more treats to share with you today, so until then...
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