Monday, April 26, 2010

Sensory Therapy: Fig

I truly do not think there is a smell I love more than that of fig. That fresh, green, slightly woody, subtly fruity smell never fails to give me a sense of calm and contentment. This is a scent that is often suggested for men, as it is a little more masculine, not sweet or too fruity. I would consider myself something of a connoisseur when it comes to the best fig scented candles on the market, so I thought I better give you my top picks. These are candles chosen for the quality of scent as well as the burn time (nothing worse than a shelling out on a candle that poops out on you too soon, or doesn't deliver the promised scent!).

Voluspa Fig and Cardamon
(Voluspa candles burn for the longest time, and their scents are strong and true to their descriptions making them the best value by far).

Saving the very best for last here,

Diptyque Figuier

Since starting my new life of self imposed frugality, I have not been in a position to own one of these beauties, and I know they are pricey even when you do have cash. All I can say is, in the scented candle spectrum this Diptyque candle is worth it.

I wear their scent, Philosykos which is a woodier take on the fig scent, described as "the fig tree in all its glory". Completely and utterly divine...


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