Monday, May 31, 2010

Pack your bags!

I have a love/hate relationship with travel, mostly stemming from my inability to pack light. I swear my biggest problem is the weight/size of the case I use. Before I pack anything the bag weighs about 50lbs, and then I am in danger of paying excess baggage every time. Naturally, I always pack too much every time.

Well, these trunks caught my eye. They made me think about the days that people travelled on the European Grand Tour, journeyed by train or boat, had "help" to pack (and unpack) their clothes and most definitely did not have to carry them themselves. I love the romanticism evoked by the old school travel that these trunks could have ventured upon.

Vintage Steamer Trunk, Junktiques

Wardrobe Steamer Trunk, Hazey Jane Vintage

"Indestructo" Wardrobe Trunk, Gimme Nicole

And of course, the dolls travelled in style too!

Vintage Doll Train Case, Ethan Ollie

Vintage Red Doll Trunk, I'm So Vintage

Wooden Doll Train Trunk, Smarty Pantalons


"Forget me Knot" Print by Laura Seaby at the Keep Calm Gallery

Friday, May 28, 2010

Music to my ears.

I am going to drop in here with a little music therapy for your weekend. I tend to stick to more visual content, but in this case I just couldn't pass up the chance to tell you all about the new album "I'll Get Around To It" by Carrie Wicks.

Let me say right off the bat, Carrie is family. That said, she is also a supremely talented Jazz singer who has just released her debut album through OA2 Records. This extraordinary achievement has been years in the making, and Carrie worked tirelessly to assemble the best musicians and talent to help her achieve her musical goal.

She has a passion for her art that explodes from her work "with a wonderful feel for the beat, adept phrasing and a hush in her voice, (she) can make you fall for her". Take a moment to read the rest of her very first (and fabulous) review and you will most definitely want more. Have a listen to the album here. The bio from her record company puts it perfectly... "Her tone puts to mind the perfect glass of earthy, red wine coupled with the most luxurious piece of dark chocolate at the end of a long day." You've got to love that!

It is soulful, sweet and sassy, and I promise you will love it. Bravo Carrie! Huge props to you. x

Ticking things of the list...

"Feels Good to Get Some Stuff Done" Print by Mary Kate McDevitt


Well, I am spoilt for choice this week since I haven't had a chance to hunt down Foxy Finds for a while. This is my short-list, with a few extras this week to make up for my absence last week.

"Fox" Art Print by Studio Lyon

"Mr Fox Paper Doll Pattern" Fabric by Mummy Sam

Fox Print by Ashmae

Normal scheduling will now resume...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheering up a chore

Do you find doing the dishes a chore? I suppose that since most people nowadays have a dishwasher, this chore isn't such a burden. Personally, if I have to chose I'll wash, you dry. The only way you will get me drying the dishes is if you let me have one of the colourful, quirky and artistic tea towels on offer these days. Hand printed and designed by talented and inventive artisans, I often think I could frame them like a print and create wonderful art with them.

With the huge diversity of choice, you can chose your tea towel to compliment you (an acquaintance has a Union Jack T-Towel hanging in his kitchen, not to be used, just to express his Anglophilia).

What's for dinner?
Fish and Chips, Mr PS

For the enthusiast.
Camper Van, Pearl and Earl

Dreaming of Paris?
Paris Set, Darling Clementine

A little bit country.
Rooster, Leah Duncan

Who doesn't love pie?
"Pie Please" Vintage Striped, Pony and Poppy

A not so subtle reminder to others.
Do The Dishes, Showpony

It is a fact!
Domestic Animal Pair, Loud Mouse

Just to make sure the men aren't left out, or for that galley kitchen on the yacht.
Anchor Flour Sack, Sweet Nature Designs

Somehow I think of Tea Towels as a particularly British item, and many of these artisans are from the UK, but it is fascinating to me that there are so many designs out there in an age where most people have less use for them. It just goes to show that traditional pursuits are very much alive and well. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


After a wee break in the sun, this week I am loving shades of summer...

1. Cosmetic Bag Set, Ju Ju Baju 2. Solstice Flat, Hydra Heart 3. Tea Dress, Soho Mode

4. Summer Smile Postcard Set, Lobster & Swan 5. Hand Screen Printed Fabric, Melissa Bombardiere 6. Bead Bracelet, Mavis and Frank

7. Sweet Home Hand Towels, Pata Pri 8. Girl Fun Poms, Party Poms 9. The Details Tiny Tags, Elle's Studio

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snack Time

I have to admit that I am a sucker for savoury snacks. I can live without chocolate for sure, but cheese and crackers, pretzels or crisps (chips for my State-side readers) are my downfall. Until now I have never been enticed by the baked crisp/chip lower fat alternative to the good old fried variety. Healthier versions of anything rarely deliver in my book. So, when CRIPS caught my eye just for the packaging (thanks The Dieline), I thought I would take a closer look.

CRIPS, is a British family business designed to be a tasty twist on the traditional crisp. With 75% less fat than the regular fried variety, and a whole lot more quirky style, they might just be as good as they look. If you want the low down on their story, go here.

I appreciate that this name might not translate well to the US, but it is kind of a cutesy childlike nickname for crisps we Brits are used to. I am always a little on the fence when it comes to animal heads on humans although I seem to see it in a lot of design, and here I love it. Love the Fox with pepper grinder, Badger with dungarees, the dapper Squirrel in tweed and the overall vintage vibe.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back from vacation

"Home Sweet Home" Print by Farouche

Friday, May 14, 2010

Made in GB

A while back I featured Scottish Artists from Etsy, for a Weekly Remedies post. Today, I thought I would feature some new items from Pedlars, all made in Great Britain. I figured with my shameless lack of involvement in the recent election (I am eligible to vote, but did not) and the mayhem that has followed with the coalition parliament, the least I could do was give a little love to the Isles. Rule Britannia!

Oak Roller Towel Holder and Towel

I appreciate the humour in this print will be lost on non-Brits, but they are all instantly iconic phrases from Britain's best loved Comedians. Google Bruce Forsyth, Tommy Cooper, Carry On... and Jimmy Saville for a glimpse into the uniquely British smutty humour of these characters. Ooh Matron!

Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques, in the 1972 film Carry on Matron.
A classic.


Well Ladies and Gents, I have a head full of vacation prep and thoughts of cocktails by the pool as I get ready to fly to the Bahamas on Sunday. Excited doesn't even begin to describe my state of mind, as we get ready to gather the fox cubs together for the first time. It is going to be priceless. I don't intend to post every day while I am away, but I will drop in and out with some vacation inspired inspiration I should imagine.

So, my Foxy Finds will have to satisfy you for a whole two weeks. Hope you like them! x

"Foxie O'Haggis" Pillow, Slapp Happie

Fantastic Fox Rubber Stamp, Niko Art

Fox Pillow, Fuori Tempo

Frenchie Fox Doll, Four Eyed Girl Designs

The Fox and The Hare Letterpress Art Set (Fox print shown), Cricket Press

Back to regular programming in 2 weeks folks. I'll miss you! xx

In the pink...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This week, I am loving looking forward to our family trip to the Bahamas on Sunday!! Yippee!!

1. Girl's Ruffle Capri Pant, Illia Kids 2. Pleated Collar Dress, Ananya 3. Sailor Knot Bracelet, The Vamoose

4. Crochet Pina Colada Necklace, Meeks Sandy Girl 5. Happy Hour Magnets, Pink Sweetie 6. Lidded Pineapple Tiki Mug, Thank Hugh

7. Costa Del Sol Beach Bag, Paco and Lupe 8. Palm Tree Napkins, Three by Sea 9. "Vintage Floral" Baby Bonnet, UB2

Slice of Vermont Life

Huge apologies for the lack of posts this week. I have been submerged in 40 pounds of potatoes, 20 pounds of minced beef, a bushel of other words I have been catering for the masses!

A while back I volunteered to head up the organising of our local town's Community Dinners programme. This is a lunch that is put on every month, from May to November, in our local town center in order that the elderly in and around our community get the chance to have a nutritious meal for the small cost of $3.50. Although called Dinners, it is actually a lunch. Three courses of the best traditional classic dishes you can imagine and yesterday was our first event.

In my last profession, I spent an hour a day writing various blackboards with the day's specials on them, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to get chalked up for the dinner. My writing is still pretty but illegible. Oh well.

The Dining room, ready for the onslaught! Red and white table clothes were a must.

Our inaugural menu had to be printed in the local newspapers two weeks before to ensure that these folks could decide if they wanted to make the trip out. The general message to me when planning the menu was that if they didn't like the sound of it, they weren't coming no matter how cheap it was. No pressure then! So we pulled out the stops. Corn Chowder, Shepherd's Pie with minted peas and Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream was a menu sure to have them flocking in.

The Blessing given by local legend, Kermit Reilly. He quoted Julia Child, and I knew it was all going to be all right.

Let the feast begin! Our fabulous, gracious and lively lunch crowd.

Our team of 5 women worked tirelessly to cater for the 40-50 seniors we were expecting and in the end we pulled it off with happy campers and clean plates. 46 attended, and we served three courses all within 1 hour. I felt like I was back in the restaurant biz and loved it.

Huge thanks to Virginia, Carol, Dorothy and Reenie for their wisdom, energy and passion. It wouldn't have happened without you.
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