Monday, May 31, 2010

Pack your bags!

I have a love/hate relationship with travel, mostly stemming from my inability to pack light. I swear my biggest problem is the weight/size of the case I use. Before I pack anything the bag weighs about 50lbs, and then I am in danger of paying excess baggage every time. Naturally, I always pack too much every time.

Well, these trunks caught my eye. They made me think about the days that people travelled on the European Grand Tour, journeyed by train or boat, had "help" to pack (and unpack) their clothes and most definitely did not have to carry them themselves. I love the romanticism evoked by the old school travel that these trunks could have ventured upon.

Vintage Steamer Trunk, Junktiques

Wardrobe Steamer Trunk, Hazey Jane Vintage

"Indestructo" Wardrobe Trunk, Gimme Nicole

And of course, the dolls travelled in style too!

Vintage Doll Train Case, Ethan Ollie

Vintage Red Doll Trunk, I'm So Vintage

Wooden Doll Train Trunk, Smarty Pantalons


  1. I remember one of the trunks your Dad and I collected -a steamer trunk
    dark green with studs with room for a Top Hat and little drawers for collars and studs etc -think those were the days when you had someone unpack this after the long voyage to India ! Still love your school trunks and tuck box even if they are now used to store quilts etc xx

  2. I wonder if people still buy tuck boxes to go to school with? Love mine, and you have quite a collection of trunks yourself! xx


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