Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have just discovered the work of illustrator and artist, Kiersten Essenpreis while on my usual daily browse of Etsy and am an instant fan. Based in Brooklyn, New York (there seem to be no end of insanely talented people living there!) Kiersten is a successful artist who has shown her work in galleries all over the world. She has high profile clients in fashion and style magazines, but you can pick up one of her orignal drawings and sketches for your very own right from her new Etsy shop. Lucky us!

I got in touch with Kiersten to ask her if she could give us some insight into her inspirations and the resulting style of her work. This is what she had to say...

" I'm very inspired by the exaggeration of childhood memories (how sometimes things that may have been small moments become these large, grand events) or how things that seem to be so vividly imprinted in ones mind can actually be changed slightly, depending on the person. I'm also inspired by common experiences that everyone has or can relate to (grade school, first kisses, etc), all holidays, my family/friends/pets, B horror Movies, textiles/patterns, and old tales"
"I typically paint on wood, but was feeling a little burnt out, so I decided change things up a bit, and do some drawings instead. Its been a lot of fun!"

Bat Catcher

Ocean Head

May Pole Dress

I love the slightly surreal fairytale/fantasy elements that exist in so many have her drawings. Kiersten manages to convey a very clear story with little extra detail, and through the delicate simplicity of her lines and a hint of colour. I am smitten with her work! Please visit her own blog to follow Kiersten's career and while you are there don't miss her current studio sale of original paintings. Crazy bargains to be had, so snap them up!!

Thanks Kiersten for letting us discover more about your work and giving your pearls of insight!


This week, I am loving...

1. Pom Pom Necklace, Lou Lou Do 2. Pom Pom Lariat, Miss Indie 3. Pom Pom Headband, Jennifer Loiselle

4. Dessert Bowl and Dish Set, Vessels and Wares 5. Two Tier Cake Stand, My Cake Stand 6. "Persimmon Bundt Cake and Espresso" Print, Janet hill Studio

7. "White Felt Flower" Wall Art, Dashing Etc 8. "Paper Doll Pose" Wall Art, Moxie Doll 9. "Eat Me Cupcake" Textile Wall Illustration, Bubble and Boo

Friday, February 26, 2010


Before I share my Foxy Finds with you this week, I thought you might like to see our family motto (of sorts). This print hangs over our kitchen door in our hallway. Naturally, in my family F is most definitely for Fox!

All right, enough of this, lets get Foxy...well, it is FRIDAY after all!

Hey There, Foxy!, Pillow by Eristotle

Baking Day, Print by Tollipop

You're a FOX, Necklace by Kelly Jeon

Cast Bronze Fox by Bones Art

Fox on Floral, Laptop Bag by Track and Field Designs

Well, that's another Friday gone. Have a fabulous weekend!

DESIGN THERAPY: Vivienne Westwood Wallpaper

This isn't exactly hot off the press, but is fairly new on my radar. Vivienne Westwood, the Grande Dame of British fashion has paired up with the classically British wallpaper company Cole & Son, to create her own Collection of wall coverings.

Although often scene as avant garde and anarchic, Westwood has always shown an intense understanding and love for traditional heritage of British fashion and design. She reflects historical references in much of her work and often takes inspiration from studies of historical periods such as with Queen Elizabeth I.

True to form, this collection encapsulates her passion for historic patterns, images and styles that are then given Westwood's own take with meticulous and gorgeous effect. I believe it is a great credit to her, that she has so successfully expanded her fashion house to include accessible items for everyone, whether it is with her perfume, jewellery or now wallpaper. She has kept her integrity, flair and absolute individuality in all of her work. This is haute couture for interior decorating.

This collection is based on iconic designs from her own fashion collections such as the S/S 07 "I am Expensiv" collection and the A/W 81 Pirate collection.

Designs such as "Vivienne's Lace" (above) were hand drawn by Westwood using her own signature to create a design reminiscent of lace.

Tartan, a strong theme in her collections through the years, has been set on the bias and given an injection of fresh new colour combinations.

"Shirting" was inspired by the shirt cloth synonymous with the British tradition for fine tailoring and used for City gentleman's shirts and can be seen used in Westwood's previous work.

“It is good when my ideas get carried over into other artistic media. This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company like Cole & Son and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper” Vivienne Westwood

Feast your eyes on these gorgeously romantic room sets showcasing some of the Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Son collection that I am lucky enough to get to share with you. The simplicity of the furnishings enhances the wallpaper designs perfectly.

"Cut-Out Lace" taken from the S/S 07 "I am Expensiv" Collection, inspired by a small piece off antique lace.

"Squiggle" first seen in the A/W 81 "Pirate" Collection.

"Magnolia" was inspired by a paper cut-out design which was then used to create a print for fabric used in Westwood's fashion work.

The piece that epitomises Westwood's style is the iconic British image, the "Union Jack" created as a wall panel, in a weather beaten design that reflects the inspiration for this piece being a salvaged flag taken from a ship. What an incredible piece!

I am a strong believer in statement wallpaper and I would jump at the chance to have Vivienne Westwood decorate my walls.

(Images courtesy of Cole & Son)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


All right, all right...I finally did it. "Did what?" I hear you cry? Facebook of course, why everyone is doing it, don't you know?

Facebook Icon Pillow by Craftsquatch

Obviously I have a personal page and am as varyingly obsessed by it as time allows. Moving onto Facebook for Apothecary Fox allows me to explore more of what I love, showcase lots of neat stories and products in a new way, and hopefully attract more lovely people to my world. Now I have a legitimate and productive reason to be on FB!!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join me and become a FAN!! I will be introducing competitions to win some gorgeous products shortly and I wouldn't want you to miss out. x


...Keeping safe on your daily commute.

"Bags" Print by James Brown at the Keep Calm Gallery

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I realise that it is a little soon to start pining for sunshine and cocktails on the beach. But, as I am sitting here looking out onto flurries of snow it occurred to me that there is no better remedy for bringing myself out of a Winter funk than a little day dreaming. What better way to kick it off than going window shopping! Anthropologie is first on my list for fabulous outfits that capture my imagination, and transport me to another time and place. So, this morning I decided I am going on a cruise, maybe to the Italian Riviera, or down the canals in Amsterdam and this is the perfect wardrobe...

1. Amsterdam Dress 2. Trompe L'Oeil Tassel Tote 3. Curls and Coils Necklace 4. Kensington Jacket 5. Field Game Cardigan 6. Come One Come All Booties

Oops! I forgot I am seasick, and not exactly afraid of the water but certainly am not crazy about it. I suppose I could just find a seaside Bistro to soak up the sun and sip chilled white wine instead. I think cruises are over rated anyway!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Sorry for the late least it is still Friday in my time zone so I think I get a pass! We had a full house of Foxes this week with my Mum coming over from Edinburgh and Brother and family from Boston so things have been hectic. What better remedy than to feast your eyes on these finds, when things get crazy like a Fox! Hahaha...O.K. I'll stop...

"Buster" Print by Fox Parade

Fox Ears by Nekochii

Stripey Fox Greeting Card by Pocket Carnival

"Fox In The Snow" Print by Eek Design
I would literally kill for those Fox ears for one of my nephews...or for me!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Now, I freely admit that my own love of Foxes may not be shared by you all. In fact, unless you carry the name like me, are partial to taxidermy (like Pops), go hunting or own them as pets (unlikely, but you never know...!) then I am not sure why it would be. Saying that, I am always amazed by the number of Fox themed items I come across, so I do know that lots of you share my passion for this furry creature. In my house it is obviously a theme that carries into everything by virtue of people always giving us Fox gifts. The down side? We all have the same nickname from our friends and colleagues...get's confusing when someone calls out "FOX!".

Well, after reading a blog post from Conversation Pieces on her own love of Foxes, and the comments people like me left, I got the encouragement I needed to share my Foxy finds with you right here every Friday. At times these might include fox fur or even a real stuffed animal and if you want to know my stance on this issue, read here. Anyway, I want this to be a happy place full of cuteness and colour and inventive uses of the foxy form and I promise you will find tonnes of it here.

Alright...ready for the inaugural Foxy Finds selection? Let's go!

Miss Fox No2 Wall Art by Sweet Bestiary

Mini Foks Knitted Stole by Celaplu

Mr Fox Wallet by Painting Testimony

Let's Play Print by Loxly Hollow 40337603

Playful Fox Print by Oh My Ampersand

How's that for a start? Until I really looked hard at this Playful Fox Print, I didn't see all the little foxes back to back, and tail to tail making up the pattern. I love the delicacy of this design and it's overall subtlety.
I would love you to share with me your own Foxy finds so please leave me a comment with your own favourites. See you back here next Friday with more fabulous Foxy faves.


...Feeling like a Kid in a Candy Store.

Sweet Shop Print by Lola's Room

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This week, I am loving (sorry, I couldn't help spreading the Valentine's love this week) ...

1. "Sweetheart" Vintage Pin, Brooklyn Rehab 2. "It's Only You" Necklace, Sophie Dear 3. "Lost Love Letter" Necklace, Angela Studio 1

4. I Love U Mug, McCheek's Mayhem 5. Love Birds Print, Jen Skelley 6. Journey Valentines Card, Belle & Boo

7. Love Print, Please Be Still 8. Love Platter, May Luk Ceramics 9. Love Cushion Cover, Miss Mosh


...Starting that "small"holding.

Beulah Speckledface with Lamb, Figurines by Colin's Creatures

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


...Artfully expressing your love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


...Making a commitment.

"For Like Ever" Print by Tracy Jenkins at Village

Monday, February 8, 2010



"Live What You Love" Special Edition by Hijirik

"Love No. 16" by Lot 9 Press

"Art Type 5 Love Birds" by Art School Girl

"Love At First Sight" by Slow Industries

"Gig Love" by Roll and Tumble Press


...Recognising what you already have.

"You are so loved" Screenprint by Jess Gonacha


Hobbs has become the go-to for well made, classic British fashion on the high street, since its launch in the early 1980s. It does not try and compete with the main stream trends of the fashion conscious 20-somethings, instead seeming to target the more mature woman. Marilyn Anselm and her daughters describe their brand as "designed by mothers and daughters for mothers and daughters". Understated but classically English in it's style, Hobbs set out to create capsule wardrobes with complete looks and coordinating accessories.

Hobbs traditionally conjures images of tea parties at a Country Estate, riding horses, tending the grand gardens of the country house (or directing the Gardener to) and a life of restrained Britishness. This has been easy middle class dressing and that is changing with an injection of playful femininity and a splash of edgier styling in the NW3 Collection.

The NW3 Collection launched in 2009, provides a fresh look to the Hobbs stable. Lots of candy coloured fabrics, tailored lines, floral patterns and retro styling. NW3 was the postcode area for lovely Hampstead, London where Hobbs was first founded. It conjures up images of an area that is expansive, open, connected to nature with leafy parks and most of all a very desirable cultured city address. Not used as a postal district since 1974, this may be something that many clued up Mothers would know, but less likely that their Daughters would make the connection.

NW3 is a more contemporary line that still takes strong influence from classic styles but brings them up to date. It is a philosophy that both generations of woman can connect with, tapping into the current resurgence of 40s and 50s design that is reflected in NW3 beautifully.

I don't know what I would wear those purple brogues with, but I know I want them!
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