Sunday, February 21, 2010


I realise that it is a little soon to start pining for sunshine and cocktails on the beach. But, as I am sitting here looking out onto flurries of snow it occurred to me that there is no better remedy for bringing myself out of a Winter funk than a little day dreaming. What better way to kick it off than going window shopping! Anthropologie is first on my list for fabulous outfits that capture my imagination, and transport me to another time and place. So, this morning I decided I am going on a cruise, maybe to the Italian Riviera, or down the canals in Amsterdam and this is the perfect wardrobe...

1. Amsterdam Dress 2. Trompe L'Oeil Tassel Tote 3. Curls and Coils Necklace 4. Kensington Jacket 5. Field Game Cardigan 6. Come One Come All Booties

Oops! I forgot I am seasick, and not exactly afraid of the water but certainly am not crazy about it. I suppose I could just find a seaside Bistro to soak up the sun and sip chilled white wine instead. I think cruises are over rated anyway!


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