Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cover Girl

Check me out...Miss October! This was the image for the month of October in The Bread Book: A Baker's Almanac, by Ellen Foscue Johnson. Back in the day...(over used phrase I know Pops!), my brother and I were very willing kiddy labour for a family friend's bread book illustration. 

Mutt tells the tale that she was preggers with my younger brother Al, and they took a shot of her holding this bowl of dough, then one of her with a baguette and baby in her arms. Must dig out those pics. Bun.In.The.Oven...literally.  I had a whole wardrobe of those smocked dresses and James? Well, he was permanently in sweat suits, Izods, towelling wristbands, green flash sneakers...leisure-wear! This was shot on the front porch of our house in Weston,VT. Man, still so many memories of that magical place.

Thanks to my dear friend Anna Dibble for digging this one out.

 (We made the cover too...couldn't get a good image, will have to dig out our copy)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eeeek! Ebaytastic

OK, I have to take a big breath....I have finally hunted down my long lasting obsession on The Bay...Vintage Franshaw State Hankies! I haven't seriously sought after these on a full time basis and frequently forget that I want to own some, but since I have lots of blank walls to fill in my new flat I decided to commit myself to finding souvenir handkerchiefs from States I love.

You see, I am all about framing fabric these days and I have to admit that I got this particular idea from the set design from the movie Julie and Julia...I can't wait to show you the results.
(Psst...I am still bidding on a couple more, for a New England set..fingers crossed).

A is for Adele

The one and only, this girl wears her heart on her sleeve!

Adele brings it....everytime. Make You Feel My Love, from the album 21

Accessories as Art

Breathing new life into vintage bags, these upcycled purses are little painterly masterpieces.

Clockwise from top right, Weenie Wonderland Clutch, Golden Blonde Girl Purse, Tattoo Design Purse, Incredible Mr Fox Purse, Grey Haired Girl Purse.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


No more messing around, this will be mine....

Eames RAR Rocker in Mauve Grey...the colour of the moment. I test drove one today and am more in love than I thought. Ouch..pricey but then again, how can you put a price on an icon?

Apothecary Fox is back!!

I am really not sure how to start off this see things have taken a major turn for me and my life and this little blog has born the brunt of it. If you follow Apothecary Fox you will know that I left the UK about 18 months ago in search of a different life. One less driven by the day to day burdens and stresses of a very fast paced and pretty stressful life in the hospitality industry, and more focused on exploring my love of the handmade life.
Wellllllll.....I made a U-turn. It wasn't that I didn't love my new found life of handmade loveliness or that of the peaceful Vermont life. It was more that I realised I wasn't ready to let go of my career in restaurants and that an opportunity to take on an exciting project came my way. I literally couldn't resist, but it did take about 6 months of back and forth chat with my old bosses to convince me that I was making the right decision. So, I am back in the UK (Glasgow to be precise) and have spent the past 3 months opening a monster of a restaurant. Here is the story in pictures...

I have always been up for a challenge and this one was too good to resist. The biggest opening my company has done in over a decade, and a new and exciting city to explore! What is not to love about all of that? Browns Glasgow has made quite a splash and we have been open less than two months. Read some of the amazing reviews to get a sense of what we have all achieved with a whole heap of hard work! The Daily Record, The Herald, The Glasgow Evening Times, Bite Magazine, Dram Magazine and more to come I hope!

Anyway, I am sure you can appreciate the time and effort it has taken to make this transition but I pledge to you all that normal service will resume shortly. I realised that I just could not shake my love of this crazy world of restaurants and bars and wasn't ready to slow down. My heart belongs to Browns. I might well have known that all along. But....I am passionate about all the gorgeous design-led beauties I see around me everyday so that will always be high on my list of extra curricular activities. This blog will just have to be the way I indulge my love of the handmade for a few more years to come.

I can't express my gratitude to you all enough, for sticking with me through the months of silence, for your encouragement and design tips, and for your like-minded  interests that keep stearing me to new discoveries. Stick with me, and we will continue this beautiful adventure!

Fox  xx
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