Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cover Girl

Check me out...Miss October! This was the image for the month of October in The Bread Book: A Baker's Almanac, by Ellen Foscue Johnson. Back in the day...(over used phrase I know Pops!), my brother and I were very willing kiddy labour for a family friend's bread book illustration. 

Mutt tells the tale that she was preggers with my younger brother Al, and they took a shot of her holding this bowl of dough, then one of her with a baguette and baby in her arms. Must dig out those pics. Bun.In.The.Oven...literally.  I had a whole wardrobe of those smocked dresses and James? Well, he was permanently in sweat suits, Izods, towelling wristbands, green flash sneakers...leisure-wear! This was shot on the front porch of our house in Weston,VT. Man, still so many memories of that magical place.

Thanks to my dear friend Anna Dibble for digging this one out.

 (We made the cover too...couldn't get a good image, will have to dig out our copy)

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