Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have just discovered the work of illustrator and artist, Kiersten Essenpreis while on my usual daily browse of Etsy and am an instant fan. Based in Brooklyn, New York (there seem to be no end of insanely talented people living there!) Kiersten is a successful artist who has shown her work in galleries all over the world. She has high profile clients in fashion and style magazines, but you can pick up one of her orignal drawings and sketches for your very own right from her new Etsy shop. Lucky us!

I got in touch with Kiersten to ask her if she could give us some insight into her inspirations and the resulting style of her work. This is what she had to say...

" I'm very inspired by the exaggeration of childhood memories (how sometimes things that may have been small moments become these large, grand events) or how things that seem to be so vividly imprinted in ones mind can actually be changed slightly, depending on the person. I'm also inspired by common experiences that everyone has or can relate to (grade school, first kisses, etc), all holidays, my family/friends/pets, B horror Movies, textiles/patterns, and old tales"
"I typically paint on wood, but was feeling a little burnt out, so I decided change things up a bit, and do some drawings instead. Its been a lot of fun!"

Bat Catcher

Ocean Head

May Pole Dress

I love the slightly surreal fairytale/fantasy elements that exist in so many have her drawings. Kiersten manages to convey a very clear story with little extra detail, and through the delicate simplicity of her lines and a hint of colour. I am smitten with her work! Please visit her own blog to follow Kiersten's career and while you are there don't miss her current studio sale of original paintings. Crazy bargains to be had, so snap them up!!

Thanks Kiersten for letting us discover more about your work and giving your pearls of insight!


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