Monday, February 8, 2010


Hobbs has become the go-to for well made, classic British fashion on the high street, since its launch in the early 1980s. It does not try and compete with the main stream trends of the fashion conscious 20-somethings, instead seeming to target the more mature woman. Marilyn Anselm and her daughters describe their brand as "designed by mothers and daughters for mothers and daughters". Understated but classically English in it's style, Hobbs set out to create capsule wardrobes with complete looks and coordinating accessories.

Hobbs traditionally conjures images of tea parties at a Country Estate, riding horses, tending the grand gardens of the country house (or directing the Gardener to) and a life of restrained Britishness. This has been easy middle class dressing and that is changing with an injection of playful femininity and a splash of edgier styling in the NW3 Collection.

The NW3 Collection launched in 2009, provides a fresh look to the Hobbs stable. Lots of candy coloured fabrics, tailored lines, floral patterns and retro styling. NW3 was the postcode area for lovely Hampstead, London where Hobbs was first founded. It conjures up images of an area that is expansive, open, connected to nature with leafy parks and most of all a very desirable cultured city address. Not used as a postal district since 1974, this may be something that many clued up Mothers would know, but less likely that their Daughters would make the connection.

NW3 is a more contemporary line that still takes strong influence from classic styles but brings them up to date. It is a philosophy that both generations of woman can connect with, tapping into the current resurgence of 40s and 50s design that is reflected in NW3 beautifully.

I don't know what I would wear those purple brogues with, but I know I want them!


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