Friday, February 12, 2010


Now, I freely admit that my own love of Foxes may not be shared by you all. In fact, unless you carry the name like me, are partial to taxidermy (like Pops), go hunting or own them as pets (unlikely, but you never know...!) then I am not sure why it would be. Saying that, I am always amazed by the number of Fox themed items I come across, so I do know that lots of you share my passion for this furry creature. In my house it is obviously a theme that carries into everything by virtue of people always giving us Fox gifts. The down side? We all have the same nickname from our friends and colleagues...get's confusing when someone calls out "FOX!".

Well, after reading a blog post from Conversation Pieces on her own love of Foxes, and the comments people like me left, I got the encouragement I needed to share my Foxy finds with you right here every Friday. At times these might include fox fur or even a real stuffed animal and if you want to know my stance on this issue, read here. Anyway, I want this to be a happy place full of cuteness and colour and inventive uses of the foxy form and I promise you will find tonnes of it here.

Alright...ready for the inaugural Foxy Finds selection? Let's go!

Miss Fox No2 Wall Art by Sweet Bestiary

Mini Foks Knitted Stole by Celaplu

Mr Fox Wallet by Painting Testimony

Let's Play Print by Loxly Hollow 40337603

Playful Fox Print by Oh My Ampersand

How's that for a start? Until I really looked hard at this Playful Fox Print, I didn't see all the little foxes back to back, and tail to tail making up the pattern. I love the delicacy of this design and it's overall subtlety.
I would love you to share with me your own Foxy finds so please leave me a comment with your own favourites. See you back here next Friday with more fabulous Foxy faves.


  1. sorry, I do not have a foxy find but yours are great ! However, I have a fond memory of seeing foxes late at night or very early mornings in the streets or even in our back garden ... and this was in London, UK :)

  2. That mini stole is amazing! Oh to be a cute kid nowadays!! And love the 'love' print too. Yay to more foxy finds :)

  3. That stole is adorable! Such a fun take on the "traditional" fox stole--without the creepy eyes. Personally, I, too love foxes. And fawns. And owls. And all woodland creatures. Mostly owls. But foxes are swell, too.


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