Friday, August 14, 2009

RETAIL THERAPY: Modern Trophies

I grew up in a house full of stuffed animal heads, trophies. Pops has always had a "thing" for them, and I am by no means a fan of the moth-eaten Deer, Fox, Otter or Bear parts that he chooses to decorate his "man space" with. Pops' first score was a large Buck head he purchased from a gentleman's clothier in England, nicknamed Albert, used to display silk neckties on it's antlers. The Huntin', Shootin', Fishin' culture of rural Vermont has left me with a cautious understanding of the traditional culture (but not necessarily an approval of it), without the gratuitous display of the product of this practice.
A coat rack made of deer hooves or standard lamp from antlers, why would you? There really is no end to the home decor items that are made from animal parts. I prefer to surround myself with pretty things that did not involve the harming of animals to create them.

So, to the Modern Trophies. Whimsical and beautiful decorating items taking the idea of the Trophy and turning them into works of art. No animals were hurt in the creation of any of these beauties!
Ruby's Lounge Pink Flocked Deer

Decor Designs Decals

Touch the Dutch Silver Moose Antler pin

Girl Savage Feltidermy

Cardboard Safari
The clever folks from Cardboard Safari have an array of animal trophies made from laser cut cardboard, that can be customised by you with glitter, paint and any manner embellishments. For the ultimate Deer Trophy, their camouflage deer head on a blaze orange wall-plate is the perfect example of this trend. Pops, this one's for you!


  1. for more trophies check the hoveys.

  2. Saw them in New York Times...full bore

  3. I WANT A STAG ON MY WALL! Very Country Chic.....

  4. I absolutely love the work by Jennifer Khoshbin (Ruby's Lounge. Very clever use of materials with a sense of magic realism...beautiful! I would love a resin moose head hanging on my wall!

  5. We've got a great little trophy cat head at Craftland. I'll have to get a photo of it for you. Cracks me up.


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