Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snack Time

I have to admit that I am a sucker for savoury snacks. I can live without chocolate for sure, but cheese and crackers, pretzels or crisps (chips for my State-side readers) are my downfall. Until now I have never been enticed by the baked crisp/chip lower fat alternative to the good old fried variety. Healthier versions of anything rarely deliver in my book. So, when CRIPS caught my eye just for the packaging (thanks The Dieline), I thought I would take a closer look.

CRIPS, is a British family business designed to be a tasty twist on the traditional crisp. With 75% less fat than the regular fried variety, and a whole lot more quirky style, they might just be as good as they look. If you want the low down on their story, go here.

I appreciate that this name might not translate well to the US, but it is kind of a cutesy childlike nickname for crisps we Brits are used to. I am always a little on the fence when it comes to animal heads on humans although I seem to see it in a lot of design, and here I love it. Love the Fox with pepper grinder, Badger with dungarees, the dapper Squirrel in tweed and the overall vintage vibe.


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