Thursday, May 13, 2010


This week, I am loving looking forward to our family trip to the Bahamas on Sunday!! Yippee!!

1. Girl's Ruffle Capri Pant, Illia Kids 2. Pleated Collar Dress, Ananya 3. Sailor Knot Bracelet, The Vamoose

4. Crochet Pina Colada Necklace, Meeks Sandy Girl 5. Happy Hour Magnets, Pink Sweetie 6. Lidded Pineapple Tiki Mug, Thank Hugh

7. Costa Del Sol Beach Bag, Paco and Lupe 8. Palm Tree Napkins, Three by Sea 9. "Vintage Floral" Baby Bonnet, UB2


  1. your going to the bahamas?! you LUCKY DUCK! i love the yellow dress and the beach bag! hopefully you have found items similar to the ones in your boards to bring on your trip! have fun lady!!

  2. Thanks Sandy. We will have a blast! I didn't quite find things as gorgeous as these for my trip but some pretty stuff to get me in the holiday mood!


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