Friday, May 14, 2010

Made in GB

A while back I featured Scottish Artists from Etsy, for a Weekly Remedies post. Today, I thought I would feature some new items from Pedlars, all made in Great Britain. I figured with my shameless lack of involvement in the recent election (I am eligible to vote, but did not) and the mayhem that has followed with the coalition parliament, the least I could do was give a little love to the Isles. Rule Britannia!

Oak Roller Towel Holder and Towel

I appreciate the humour in this print will be lost on non-Brits, but they are all instantly iconic phrases from Britain's best loved Comedians. Google Bruce Forsyth, Tommy Cooper, Carry On... and Jimmy Saville for a glimpse into the uniquely British smutty humour of these characters. Ooh Matron!

Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques, in the 1972 film Carry on Matron.
A classic.

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  1. the phrase poster is hilarious. like it a lot.


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