Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheering up a chore

Do you find doing the dishes a chore? I suppose that since most people nowadays have a dishwasher, this chore isn't such a burden. Personally, if I have to chose I'll wash, you dry. The only way you will get me drying the dishes is if you let me have one of the colourful, quirky and artistic tea towels on offer these days. Hand printed and designed by talented and inventive artisans, I often think I could frame them like a print and create wonderful art with them.

With the huge diversity of choice, you can chose your tea towel to compliment you (an acquaintance has a Union Jack T-Towel hanging in his kitchen, not to be used, just to express his Anglophilia).

What's for dinner?
Fish and Chips, Mr PS

For the enthusiast.
Camper Van, Pearl and Earl

Dreaming of Paris?
Paris Set, Darling Clementine

A little bit country.
Rooster, Leah Duncan

Who doesn't love pie?
"Pie Please" Vintage Striped, Pony and Poppy

A not so subtle reminder to others.
Do The Dishes, Showpony

It is a fact!
Domestic Animal Pair, Loud Mouse

Just to make sure the men aren't left out, or for that galley kitchen on the yacht.
Anchor Flour Sack, Sweet Nature Designs

Somehow I think of Tea Towels as a particularly British item, and many of these artisans are from the UK, but it is fascinating to me that there are so many designs out there in an age where most people have less use for them. It just goes to show that traditional pursuits are very much alive and well. Hooray!

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  1. Thanks for posting a pic of my anchor towel! I love all your selections!


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