Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vermont Finds

It is always a thrill to discover artisans and crafters from Vermont. Even bigger thrill when their work is right up my alley, and today I found just that! Mountain Ash Design is the work of Sarah O. Green, who creates wrap skirts, aprons, belts and more, predominantly from vintage and recycled fabrics. Not only am I completely insane about A-Line wrap skirts of any kind, but Sarah creates one of a kind pieces using details like men's shirt collars and cuffs for waist bands, and contrasting fabrics that combine to make these skirts so beautiful.

Her skirts are inspired by vintage aprons, and her work has a retro flair to it, and that just makes it all the more perfect to me.

Pink Roses Apron Inspired Wrap Skirt

Red Gingham Apron Inspired Wrap Skirt

Dark Bouquet Apron Inspired Wrap Skirt

Farmer's Market Billfold, made from vintage fabric and edged and lined with gingham fabric from a button down shirt.

Sister Gingham Belts with Vintage Buckles

We have an intense love and respect for Gingham in my family, as my brother will tell you. I am in heaven!

I am really enjoying reading her blog to keep me up to date with the craft scene here in Vermont and hope to bump into Sarah and her wares at a craft show soon!

P.S. I am always on the look out for talented artisans in Vermont, to showcase here, and to visit in the flesh. If you are one of those people, or know someone who is, please drop me a line, comment, facebook me etc. and tell me all about the work, send me know the drill. xx


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