Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This week, I am loving crochet, cross-stitch, knitting and embroidery...

1. Heart Rainbow Tapestry Kit, Granny Knit 2. Annabella Crochet Flowers Headband, Chloe and Maddie 3. True Love Cross Stitch Chart, Hello Sailor! Studio

4. Hope Tattoo Needlepoint Kit, Emily Peacock Tapestry 5."Oh, You Pretty Thing" Embroidered Wall Plaque, Sam Gibson 6. Knee High Socks, The Crocodile Rock

7. Tiger Knitting Pattern, Fuzzy Mitten 8. Silhouettes Needle Point Kit, Felicity Hall 9. Seed Pod Necklace, Pirilampo Riscado


  1. What a lovely blog and wonderful collection of featured items. Thank you so much for including my headband :-D The knitted tiger is too cute for words!!

  2. Love this, especially the rainbows!

  3. Beautiful collection. I am addicted to knitting too;) Love the crocheted headband by Chloe and Maddie


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