Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It just takes a splash of colour, the contrast of a beautiful vintage fabric, a plump feather filling and you can transform any space in your own personal style, with cushions.
I am the first to admit that my love of these squishy squares might be bordering on the obsessive, but whenever I think "I'm done!", I see another cushion that I just can't live without. And don't even get me started on Monogramming!
Vermont based designer Susan Sargent specialises in her signature applique pillows that will brighten up any room. The delicate detail and vibrant colours are too good to resist.

Another Vermont native, folk artist Laura Megroz, designs wool hooked pillows with images ranging from the ubiquitous Labrador, to the classic seaside images, folk art inspired images of animals such as moose and deer, and seasonal creations for Halloween, Christmas and 4th of July. Preppy, New England-centric, and heart warming country images abound. For a huge selection of her work try Cabin and Lodge

On the other side of the Pond, Karen Hilton designs felt and canvas pillows that celebrate Brittania in a fresh and modern way with neon versions of the classic Union Jack, 1st Class postage stamp and the Queen.

She has recently started to take the same approach to the Stars and Stripes.

Another British artist, Jan Constantine, also using felt, creates detailed British themed cushions that have a delicacy and beauty that is truly unique. Her cushions are blanket stitched to create a more rustic feel and feature simple messages of Love and Peace, and more Brittania themes in her Pop Art collection.

And not to forget Ebay, Devine Designer Cushions specialise in using luxurious fabrics from designers such as Designers Guild to create vibrant silk and velvet jewels for your home.


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