Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This genre has it's roots in ancient history, but it could be said that many see it as an American craft from Pioneer times, and more specifically identify the Amish Community with the art of quilting.

Traditional patchwork quilts come in many designs, all with specific stories behind their unique styles. There is more information about this craft than you could wish for on the internet, for example here and here. Originally the Patchwork Quilt was a craft using much loved and worn clothing, recycling what was at hand to create a practical item of beauty. The ultimate in make do and mend. Each one told a story, and often groups of women would join together to assist in the completion of a quilt, known as a Quilting Bee.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. Today, there are vibrant and modern examples of this design in all kinds of quilts and home accessories. I adore the incredible fabrics and colours that can be found in patchwork these days. No surprise that Etsy has an incredible array of patchwork items from quilts to cushions, bags to clothing. My Picks...

Fire Horse Textiles
For the ultimate in patchwork, Squint Ltd specialises in bespoke vintage furniture covered in luxurious patchwork, using the most decadent materials. This is high end stuff.


  1. Hi Sarah

    What an inspiring collection - those chairs and quilts are to die for! Thank you for including my little wall hanging in such awesome company :D

    Best Wishes


  2. hi sarah,

    oh those chairs are dreamy! thank you for placing my pillow in such lovely company! you've reminded me i have some quilts that i've wanted to work with - i'll get them out of the attic!

    all my best, leslie

  3. love the couch. put that on the "eventually" list...

  4. Ha! Ironically it is called the Peebles...meant to be I think!

  5. I love the one from LMK Quilts...great colors! Even though I am from Amish Country (Lancaster, PA) I have to say I like the modern ones better!

  6. Oh, I do to! The LMK Quilt is my favourite. Thanks for stopping by!


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