Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Peru Fair is something of an institution in Vermont, voted one of the Top 10 Events by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. It was recently resurrected after a couple of barren years, and is going from strength to strength (last year over 3500 people attended). The Peru Fair celebrates it's 30th year today, although it is the 28th annual Fair!

This year's Peru Fair Committee.

My roving reporter at 10engines can tell you more about last year's event, and more here.

I love how they take the same sign, and paint over the date each year even if the paint doesn't match (image from 10engines at the 25th Annual Peru Fair). Make do and Mend!

Probably due to the nature of a tiny town and a more rural approach, there isn't a website for you to wet your appetite for all the crafts people, artisan foodies and entertainers that will be appearing today. Anyway, it just couldn't do it justice. Suffice it to say, this is as New England rural as you will get, and every member of the 400 strong population of Peru has helped in some way, to make it a success.

Peru is my Stateside home town, and I will be moving back their soon. Will have to cover next year's event personally!

This is our Main Street where the Fair takes place, and me making the place look busy, thanks Jamesy!

As my brother mentions in his coverage of the Fair, Peru was the location for the 80s movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton. Stereotypical country bumpkin characters abound, but the movie is kind of a favourite of ours as so many of our friends and family (Apple Blossom our cow for instance) feature in it. My absolute favourite part is a scene where City Folks go shopping in the local General Store (shown above with the red roof, in real life it is the 140 year old J.J. Hapgood Store).

This is such a perfect parody of the way tourists in Vermont behave when surrounded by Country cuteness! It isn't all Maple Syrup, Turtle Necks and Plaid.


  1. Darn..wish I would have known about this sooner...I am going to make sure I do this show next year!!! Thanks for the information!


  2. Sorry, I was going to give a little heads up but it crept up on me.


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