Monday, September 21, 2009


I have always loved Dolls, and paper dolls were so much fun to play with. The huge range of outfits and accessories for each doll made the possibilities endless. I have to admit that often I would not even cut them out, they just looked too perfect in their books.

Vintage paper dolls come in all kinds, but I particularly like the 1950s families, with their iconic fashions and accessories, with every age and gender covered. Queen Holden (prolific from 1930s-1960s) was a force in this genre, perfectly depicting the rosey cheeked baby, boisterous little boy, sweet little girl, House Wife Mother and Weekend Dad (Think Mad Men to get the perfect picture of the fashion and lifestyle!). I never knew, until researching this piece, just how huge the following for these dolls is. Read their history here.
Nursery School Paper Doll Set

Family of Paper Dolls
For a selection of Ms Holden's adorable dolls, try here.

There are many creative uses of the paper doll form, not least from Etsy. Here are my picks.

Vintage Autumn Paper Doll Garland, Vintage Scraps

Emma Paper Doll Cushion, Chocolate Creative

Vintage Blue Paper Doll Dress Card, Crab Apple Design

Delicate Heart, Wool and Water

I also love the vibrant, glossy and colourful modern paper dolls of today. I have already mentioned Bellle and Boo's Cut Out Belle here. My guilty pleasure is a love for Mary Engelbreit's images of wholesome vintage inspired girls, all with strong identities and characters.

Ann Estelle

She has a range of magnetic paper dolls here.

And not forgetting the boys!
Vintage 1940s Boy Paper Doll, Callooh Callay

Don't they just bring out the child in you?


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