Friday, November 20, 2009

DESIGN THERAPY: Poppy Children's Wear

A delightful range of children's dresses, knitwear and accessories, Poppy is a line of children's clothing that takes inspiration from the 1930s in style, featuring the adventures of Poppy and her puppy dog Fred. The line features the duo on the borders of the cotton fabric used, running around the hem of each dress. "A little storybook comes with every dress, allowing you to follow the adventures of our favourite characters. Each season Poppy and Fred have a new exciting adventure and the fabrics and storybook tell the story." via Poppy.
The cotton fabrics are printed in Lancaster and the clothing is made in the North East of England, making this company a truly British affair.

For the full range in the Autumn/Winter collection start here.

The Knitwear line is Fair Trade and made in The Himalayan Mountains around Kathmandu by local women, providing them with income and stability that is invaluable in an area of poverty and hardship.


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