Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Love it or Hate it" is the unique strap line for this quintessentially British delight. Marmite is a savoury spread made from yeast extract, sourced from the by product of the beer brewing process. This is definitely an acquired taste, with it's unique salty tang reminiscent of soy sauce and celery. If you have tried it, you are firmly in one camp or the other. I love it!
Established in 1902 by The Marmite Food Extract Company in Burton-on-Trent, the yeast extract used was from The Bass Brewery, of Bass Ale fame. It's popularity soared through both World Wars, being included in soldier's ration packs in the First World War, and used in hospitals during that time too, and given to British based Prisoners Of War in the Second World War. It's strong source of Vitamin B was the reason for it's popularity in a time when malnutrition and rationing had taken hold. More here.

From the outset, it's branding and advertising was based on the nutritional benefits of Marmite. Nowadays, the marketing campaign is based on it's cult status and whether you love or hate it. It inspires passionate responses either way.
The name Marmite is derived from the French term for an earthenware pot, which was the inspiration for the original container Marmite was sold in. From the 1920s the jar was made of glass with it's distinctive yellow lid, but the label still shows the original earthenware container.
Marmite is constantly reinventing itself, with the launch of limited edition versions.

Guinness Version, 2007

The Champagne Valentine Version, 2008

Warhol-esque Print, 2009 from the gift collection

For those die hard Marmite lovers, why not get a custom Sterling Silver Lid to adorn your everyday jar.

You've got to LOVE that!


  1. guiness marmite... punters are flooding IN!

  2. That is a double whammy on the love it or hate it thing...not sure I could go there


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