Monday, December 7, 2009


For a while now it has occurred to me that with the advent of email, the art of letter writing is becoming lost. I for one, write better on the computer than by hand (I think my hand writing is unique and pretty, others close to me think it is illegible) but I am always seduced by the beautiful letterpress notecards and personalised stationary that can be created to reflect your personality, that of the recipient or the event you are writing about.
I love choosing the perfect card for that special person and the thought that goes in to this can in itself be a little gift. So much so, that I have a box full of the most gorgeous unique cards, for every possible occasion. I resolve to commit to the art of letter writing now that I am living in another country from most of my friends. So, with that in mind, I have decided to search out a new batch of cards for imminent use. My personal favourites are the monogrammed notecards for that classic touch, but in updated colours and fonts. Here are my favourite little works of art from the most talented bunch out there. These cards can either make a statement through their design, or serve as a canvas for your own sentiments. Rest assured there really is a card for every one, and every occasion, out there.

Pink Loves Brown...perfect stationary to personalise.

PaPaYa! ...all that glitters! These cards are so unique and sparkly, these pictures cannot do them justice.

And not forgetting Etsy...

Sycamore Street Press

Pistachio Press

Pops has a rule that he writes a note as soon as he comes home from any event, so that he never forgets to send a thank you card. Pre-stamped envelopes also ensure that the cards always get sent. Nifty tip.

I found this cute card set from Lucky Bee Press which could have been designed just for Pops. Snoozing in his armchair or smoking his pipe are two of his favourite things.


  1. Thanks Sarah for the nice write up! I like your pop's idea about keeping a stamped envelope handy, that would be a good one for me. It is easy to let a day pass, then a week...
    Happy letter writing!

  2. Beautiful ! There is nothing to beat our family tradition of tucking a card into the bag of the person who is going away and imagining them opening it @ the airport or on the plane -the written words something to treasure and read over and over again. Scenting a note for someone is special and a lovely memory as a bookmark.


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