Friday, January 8, 2010


I have seen Caitlin Holcomb's work recently on a couple of blogs, most notably Design is Mine just the other day. So, I had to have a really good scour around her shop Nice. You should too!

Her work stems from a love of handmade and vintage. Not only does she create beautiful pieces of art, jewellery, banners and clocks, she also sells a collection of vintage pieces for the home. Here are my picks.

Prize Bunnies, painting

Hooray! banner

And my most absolute favourite, are her collection of "Crest Mod Cabin Clocks". I mean seriously...these clocks could have been designed with me in mind! They incorporate all the things I love, the trophy theme, beautiful fabric and in most cases, the all important pink. Love!

More of these, including wall plaques with deer heads, here. These things are way more than just nice!


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