Monday, January 11, 2010


I love pillows and cushions and have to admit to having an inordinate amount of them (currently boxed up and floating their way over the Atlantic with my belongings). I also love bedlinen. Making up my bed, choosing the various colours and patterns of linen to contrast (I never use a completely matching set) then piling up the pillows, is one of my favourite ways to change the look of my bedroom and keep it fresh.
I always use two different sets of pillowcases on my bed at one time (got to have 4 fluffy pillows!) and love that they can instantly change the look and spruce up even a plain set of sheets really inexpensively. Whether I choose the pillowcases for the colour and pattern, or an image screen printed on simple white linen, they always reflect my mood.

From B. Poetic

From Lush Designs

From Branch Handmade

From Cath Kidston

A Selection from the Cath Kidston Bedding Range

And I won't even start on my love for blankets and quilts!

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  1. Looks beautiful! Thanks so much for featuring our anchor and 10 speed pillowcases. Thanks for introducing Lush Designs to me- they have some great stuff!
    Branch Handmade


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