Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have coveted a bib necklace (often referred to as statement necklaces) for some time now and finally took the plunge with this one (below) from J.Crew (at about 10% of the original cost I might add).

I wouldn't describe myself as an everyday jewellery girl, but when I do wear any it has to be bold and unique (preferably with some over the top bling). I don't go for real gems, instead favouring semi-precious stones and lots of sparkles. With a bib necklace you get all of that, and they are so easy to wear, no fiddly clasps and usually light weight. They literally become your outfit, perfect to wear with a simple t-shirt or classic tailored shirt. This is art my friends.

Selection from Accessorize

Mainstream retailers and independent artisans alike are all over this trend, and I for one am jumping right on that wagon in 2010!


  1. That green, felty (?) one is so amazing! Not sure what I would wear it with but hey that's the point right?

  2. These are so unique and gorgeous. Would love to wear one with a simple tee.


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