Tuesday, February 2, 2010

COLOUR THERAPY: Heather Bailey

After working with some Heather Bailey fabric for my latest Handmade Project, I thought I would share with you her latest collection, Nicey Jane. This fabric collection has a sweet vintage feel, mixing nostalgic florals with geometric prints and lots of colour.

These prints make me think of warm Summer evenings, walking barefoot in the cooling grass, cold lemonade and a time gone by. Heather has perfectly reflected a 1950s feel in her patterns.

From the Kissing Booth...
Picnic Bouquet - Moss

Hello Roses - Cream

Pocketbook - Rose

From the Porch Swing...
Swing Toss - Grass

Wash Day Ticking - Dandelion

Picnic Bouquet - Sky

Heather Bailey is an incredible woman, whose creativity and imagination seems to know no bounds. Read her own story here. I love the statement she makes that "it is my aim to bring more women...to know the joy and deep fulfillment that comes from creativity". With fabrics as gorgeous as this it is not hard to feel inspired to be creative and I for one feel very fulfilled by my recent craft project using her designs. I am off to get me something from the Kissing Booth!


  1. Beautiful and thanks for sharing... ;)

  2. These colors and prints are charming. You can't help but to feel happy just looking at them.


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