Friday, March 19, 2010


Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I showed you a little glimpse of our Fox collection at home? Well, working my way along the mantle, here's the next instalment of our Foxy Treasures.

Oh yeah, and there seems to be a cow bell collection starting there, and in case you couldn't work it out, those are dried artichokes, lemons and limes at the front. Don't ask...
Next week, we will make it to the end of the mantelpiece, and I can show you my most favourite Fox item we own and introduce you to the artist who created it. Tune in then!

So, onto this week's Foxy Finds, and they are a fine little bunch.

Mr Rodney Fox Wooden Figure by VB Designs

Sleeping Foxes Print by Dee Beale

Monty The Fox Plush by Sara Carr

Silver Fox Stole Necklace by Bbel

Fran, A Little Bit Of Fox Plush by Every Eskimo

I am sure I could make room for Little Fran somewhere in my collection. She's got that "Take me home, I'm yours" look in her eye!

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  1. sarah! you GOT to get that necklace. it's super foxy!!


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