Monday, March 8, 2010


If it weren't for the many talented and inspiring bloggers out there, blazing the trail for people like me, I am not sure that I would ever have dared to start a blog myself. Like many of you, I read a number of blogs every day. Some I visit every day without fail (with the help of the fabulous Bloglovin' to make it all just one click away!), and others I might just pop into once a week or a month. I get a thrill from discovering new blogs that truly speak to me, and I thought I would share my latest finds with you.

A Cup of Kiez
Sisters Julie and Kerstin started this blog just late last year but they already have so much variety and enthusiasm in their posts, they come across as seasoned pros. Living near each other in Berlin, but originally from England, A Cup Of Kiez follows their lives through parenthood, creativity, love and adventures. They provide a mixture of local flavour, craft projects, family life and design loves, illustrating their posts with their own photographs and lots of personality in their individual writings. This is a great window into someone else's world which makes you want to grab a hot drink and settle into get to know these girls better. It has fast become a favourite.

Happy Serendipity
Lou writes this blog from Germany, as an outlet for her creative passions, fun thoughts and musings. You will find a mix of crafty tutorials, book reviews, latest purchases, design finds and glimpses into her own life. I love the fun aspect of her posts, her sense of humour and varied interests. I am also jealous of her ability to create, when I am still firmly in the "No Sew" arena! This girl has a passion for life and it jumps off the page. See for yourself!

Draw! Pilgrim
Pilgrim is a graphic artist who loves colour! Her blog mixes her talented designs with her own life, thoughts and craft and design projects. There is lots of lovely eye candy, provided by great photos that she takes to illustrate her posts (I so wish I could do that!) and creative montages of gorgeous shopping finds. I love the variety, vintage vibe and great energy in this blog.

Pancakes & French Fries
"Spontaneous. Odd. A little bit sweet, a little bit savory"...Doesn't that sound just like the kind of place you want to delve into? That is how Jules describes her blog and I couldn't agree more! A spirited mix of her personal commentary, family events, general advice and observations, she writes with passion and humour about a huge variety of topics, that make up her life.

Ish and Chi
Viv writes about decorating, interiors and fashion (all of which I am crazy about, as you know) in a style and presentation that is fresh and sparkly. You may know her own handmade work, gorgeous screenprinted posters found in her Etsy store of the same name, Ish and Chi. I have featured her work a couple of times and continue to love her design aesthetic. Her blog is full of interesting features such as her own home renovations and fashion styling. It really is a treat.

So, there you are, my most recent faves and I hope they become some of yours too. Please stop and by and say hello to these girls if you have time. We all love a little chat with our readers, believe me!


  1. sarah, i'm flattered, overwhelmed, honored and happy for your mention here. to hear that someone thinks i have a passion for life... i never seen it that way! but you're right. i'm glad that i got to know you through our little eclass. it was worth every minute! hugs, lou

  2. Wow, Sarah, this is so nice! Reading your description of our blog makes me really happy and reassures me that we´re on the right way with what we`re doing. Thank you so much!

  3. It is a pleasure ladies. You guys are fab!

  4. Foodies beware!
    In regards to pancakes & french fries I respond with hw bout cheesy waffles & spinach balls? oozing jalapenos sliding in salsa rosa w/ lemon zest?

    Not a menu for the Peru lunch but i'm thinkin'
    Press release thoughts..

    Meatloaf & parsnip stew /
    shepards mashed sweet & white pots
    a puree of all things green,
    Cole slaw en violet
    (purple cabbage, parsley and carrot)
    No nuts!
    followed by blueberries or bust crumble!


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