Saturday, May 1, 2010

We all scream for Ice Cream!

Sunny days in the city have me in the mood for some ice cream.

Mini Soapsicle, kc Soaps N more

Ice Cream Cone Rubber Stamp, Cupcake Tree

Soft Serves 1, Wendy Anne Crittenden

Vintage Ice Cream Scoop, Sheer Fab

And we have to have some of the real thing! I can't wait to try the Bliss Organic Ice Cream in Ginger!

But, my absolute favorite is Peppermint Stick available these days from Wilcox Dairy, Vermont. Takes me back to trips to Friendly's when we were kids. Sugar cone, always.

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  1. oh yes, i LOVE ice cream and i swear i could eat it all day every day lol!! i've never tried bliss before but there's some interesting flavors, would love to try it!! let me know how it tastes once you try it!! =)


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