Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feeling a little Plush

I have always been a big stuffed animal/rag doll fan. Even now, all grown up, I am partial to having a few sitting around my place. The world of the "plush" is varied and vast, and I particularly love the use of vintage fabrics, simple forms and above all the inspired imagination in my picks for you today.

Large Dachshund, Alice Apple

Owl Couple, Skunkboy Creatures

Babushka Bunny Kit, Nanette Regan

Bunny, Kinchi

Lavender Rabbit, Pouch

Pascal the Cheeky Kitty, Le Jeune

Edmund Elephant, Rabbitsmoon

Owl Cushion, Robin and Mould

Call them toys, call them cushions, call them my faves! You are never too old to have a little plush in your life.


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