Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Indoor Picnicking

With the small burst of sunshine we had today (after days of heavy rain storms), I immediately started dreaming up picnic ideas just the thing to get me in the summer mood. Then, it started raining again and I adapted that idea for an indoor picnic setting. We have a large screened-in porch off the back of the house, that makes you feel as if you are outdoors, among the flowers and the field of tall grass it looks onto.

Ironically, these images were taken on a sunny day and aren't the best, but you get the picture.

Plus, it can be cool and breezy on any searing hot day and bug free. The best of both worlds! Keep dry and in civilised comfort whilst getting all the lovely picnic feel you want. I am not exactly one to rough it.

Here's what I dreamt up...a little early afternoon picnic party. Classic vintage pieces, accented with the ever essential splashes of colourful florals. And the menu? More of a liquid lunch. Kind of like a Mad Men-style "lunch break" for the girls if Joan was in charge.

Vintage Picnic Basket, Morgan and Moss

Green Daisy Tablecloth, Tuwhittuwhoo

Vintage Roly Poly Chrome Glassware, Whimsical Vintage

Vintage Travel Bar, Working Girl Vintage

Picnic Patchwork Pillows, Sweet Jessie

Obviously I would put on a summer frock...

Striped Summer Dress, Dig For Victory

And the menu...

Hendrick's Gin (above) and Fever-Tree Tonic (below)

...and the even more quintessentially British, Pimms Cocktail. No scrimping on the fruit and don't forget the mint!
I told you it would be a liquid lunch. The added bonus is that all the fruit in the Pimms can double as the snack!


  1. Love the Mad Men reference...
    Great picnic post!

  2. Probably a bit too feminine for Joan really. that woman has balls!!


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