Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jonathan Adler Pop Candles

The new line of scented candles from Jonathan Adler has me in a spin. The Pop Candle Collection is made up of three new scents, all derived from a fresh garden theme. Watercress, Tomato and Grapefruit pack a beautifully scented punch, presented in a simple glass container in vibrant colours to lighten up your life.

Watercress Candle: The cleansing scents of watercress, cucumber, lime, mint and cypress wood.

Tomato: a blend of tomato leaves, basil, rhubarb, thyme and sandalwood. Like bottling the tangy freshness of a tomato vine in a glass.

Grapefruit: Pink and white grapefruit for zest, blended with passionfruit for a tropical tang

Summery scents that will freshen up your space and mind. Good enough to eat. Delicious!


  1. how great. did you try one of those? if you intend to, can you please try the waterpress one? the description sounds delicious! :-)

  2. Hey Lou. The tomato one is first on my list. I love the smell of the tomato vine and it is so unusual. The watercress sounds so calming and mellow. I bet it is wonderful


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