Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Labour of love

I have been dreaming of being able to renovate our little garden shed, and spent the past week browsing images of the gorgeous out house/garden sheds you can buy (with the fantasy that I could start from scratch rather than overhaul the relic we have).

Step 1: Move the beehive FAR away...

As if by fate, I then picked up the New York Times and read an article about this Victorian Cottage created out of a tiny run down hunting cabin by Sandra Foster, in the Catskills, N.Y.

This talented woman has scoured flea markets and salvage yards to put together an ethereal refuge from the world. Building on a porch using reclaimed pillars, collecting Limoges china and old books in her dreamy white colour scheme, saving and reusing old doors, and carrying all of it over the stream that provides the only point of access. I am in awe! Take a look...

Isn't this inspiring? It made me realise that there is so much I could do with the shed we have. The possibilities really are endless with a clear vision, a heap of passion and the determination to create a little slice of loveliness, a perfect refuge from the world.

(Images of Victorian Cabin, Trevor Tondro for the NYT)


  1. Oh my... The cottage is INCREDIBLE! And I'm sure you can do wonders with your shed...

  2. I know Suze, isn't this just adorable/insane?? It does put my shed in perspective, although I can't imagine ever getting it to that kind of shape. I can only try!!


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