Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pretty paint-by-numbers

Paint By Number, was a hugely popular past time in post-war America that was created by Max S. Klein, of the Palmer Paint Company and commercial artist Dan Robbins, who began selling these kits in 1951. The resulting paintings cover a range of topics such as flowers, rural scenes, religious images, horses, dogs and portraits.

Water Wheel and Mill, Art Finds

Despised by art critics but loved by the masses, the American market for this craft exploded throughout the 1950s. "Every man a Rembrandt" was emblazoned on the Craft Master brand boxes that contained two brushes, pre-mixed paint colours and a board or canvas detailed with corresponding numbered spaces to paint. This was undeniably art for the masses and played a not insignificant cultural role in American society, allowing greater accessibility to art and inspiring millions to try their own hand at self expression and home decor.

These now vintage paintings contain bold colour mixes in broad swathes that make up some pretty kitsch decorative pieces. They are a guilty pleasure for me!

Cottage By Lake, Patti's Polkadots

Collecting Maple Sap, Lovely Home Vintage

Cocker Spaniel, Junque In The Trunque

The Red Shoes, Black Creek Eclectibles

Victorian Lady, Elm Street Vintage

"Pinkie", Callooh Callay

Ebay has a significant collection if you want to pick up a little decorative bargain to brighten up your walls, or start a budding art collection. Granted this is not for everyone but you might just find a piece that you fall in love with.


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