Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Sugarbush Hill Diaries

It is about time I gave you all more of a glimpse of life here on the farm, or Sugarbush Hill as it is officially called. Great name right?

The term "sugar bush" refers to a maple syrup production farm, and/or an area of forest that is dominated by trees used to make maple syrup (sugar maple or black maple). Most everyone knows by now that Vermont is the biggest producer of maple syrup in the US. I am not getting into the Canadian v. US maple syrup debate here, no contest my friends...Vermont every time.

Our house is situated in the picture perfect New England town of Peru, Vermont (check it out on a map) and may well have been the site of large maple syrup production farm, back in the day. Failing that it is built at the base of a hill that is topped and surrounded by Maple trees. So, Sugarbush Hill it is!

So from now on I will be writing the Sugarbush Hill Diaries, based solely on the things that happen right here on the farm, and what delights are to be had in this beautiful part of Southern Vermont. Sound good?

Vermont is not all about, artesanal cheese, the best beer on the planet (hello, Magic Hat!), traditional crafts like quilting, and home grown delights. It is that and much, much more!

So I plan to celebrate those things from my own perspective and with a whole lot of love. x


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