Monday, July 5, 2010

Are you being soft-served?

I read about Humphrey Slocombe in the NYT Magazine yesterday, and couldn't wait to delve more into the detail of this truly alternative Ice Cream Parlour.

The brainchild of Jake Godby, previously a pastry chef at notable restaurants such as Coi, this San Francisco hot spot is decidedly cool. In the vein of Heston Blumenthal's ground breaking Bacon and Egg Ice Cream, Humphrey Slocombe serves unique flavours such as Jesus Juice (red wine and coca cola sorbet), Salted Licorice, Secret Breakfast (lots of Bourbon, and cornflakes) and the controversial Foie Gras. Not sure this is the place to take your kids...

Jake Godby, obligatory culinary tat featuring 31 ice cream cones, natch.

Yes, that is a two headed calf on the wall! Strangely cute...

The best bit for me is that the name, Humphrey Slocombe was inspired by the British Sitcom, "Are You Being Served?". A triumph in camp, this comedy is based on the shenanigans of the staff in a fictional London department store, Grace Brothers. Mr Humphries and Mrs Slocombe, being the heads of the Men's and Women's clothing departments respectively, deliver the most memorable and hilarious interchanges on screen.

Mr Humphries (middle) and Mrs Slocombe (far right)...yes, she has green hair! Sometimes purple, pink, orange or blue!

This audio clip will give you a taste of the humour, sung by John Inman aka Mr Humphries.

"Mr Humphries, Are you free?"..."I'm FREE!!!"

(Humphrey Slocombe images courtesy of Dwight Eschilman, for New York Times)


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