Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's all about the shoes

I have never considered myself the marrying kind, but if I ever did take the plunge I know that the single most important piece of my attire would be the shoes. People have images of the dress they have dreamed of since they were a little girl, but for me this would be the perfect time to drop a serious amount of cash on the most fabulous, outrageous and show-stopping footware I could afford. One of my best male friends was recently the "Mate of Honour" at a girlfriend's wedding, where she wore a stunning pair of gold Christian Louboutin's as the main focal point to her wedding outfit (the dress was unique and gorgeous too, it has to be said). She's my kind of Gal!

So I thought I would play dress up today and choose a few gems that would have me running down the aisle (well, not exactly running in those heels!).

Charm by Kate Spade

Chrisette by Kate Spade

Heart Peep Toe by Alexander McQueen

Poseidon 120 Pumps by Christian Louboutin

Margo Python Pumps by Charlotte Olympia

And no white in sight!


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