Friday, July 23, 2010

Not your average chalkboard

I love chalkboards. After having worked with them for years in the restaurant biz I have perfected the art of writing up the daily specials, standing on the very top of a 6 foot ladder, arm outstretched with nothing to hold onto whilst writing in a perfect straight line. And that was just the low hanging ones! We probably had around 6-8 boards to write a day, twice a day, every day. The secret to perfectly clear bright white chalk writing, is to keep the chalk in a glass of water. When you write with it initially it is almost invisible and when it dries it comes out crisp and bright. Like magic!

Chalkboards these days come in all manner of styles and forms. No longer are they just framed, you can find them on bags, tags, cushions, decals and clothing. here are a few interesting uses of the chalkboard form...

FoldnGo Art Folio, Dine n Doodle

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation, Ello There

Re-purposed Cabinet Door Chalkboard, Half Pint Salvage

Chalkboard Quote Pillow, Nicole Steward

And my absolute favourite...

Chalkboard Tote, My Girl Thursday

Hudson Paint produces Coloured Chalkboard paint in rainbow hues, to offer a unique alternative to the standard black. I can think of so many things to do with this stuff. But what colour to choose?


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