Friday, August 27, 2010


This week I am loving bowties...

1. Bianca Print, Matou en Peluche 2. Cosmopolitan Freestyle Bowtie, xo elle 3. Girly Little Blouse, Heidi and Finn Studio

4. Tout Petit Carpet Bag, Mary Kaiser 5. Vintage Necktie Hair Bow, Care Wood 6. Scarlet Convertible Top, Seana Gordon

7. Bear in Glasses Print, Pamela Michelle 8. Bowtie Dog Collar, Pecan Pie Puppies 9. Moustache Bow Tie Shirt, Oh Fiddlesticks

OK, so not all of these picks are technically bowties, but you see where I am coming from! Just a quick note on the subject of bowties. The men in our family are diehard bowtie wearers. Long before it became fashionable for younger men to wear them, my brothers were rocking them and Pops never goes a working day without wearing one. I am not my whole life..have I seen him go to work without a bowtie (35 years and counting).

Pops (above) rocking the bowtie off duty too.

I learned to tie a bowtie when I was about 12 or so, kind of an essential skill as far as my mother could see just in case your date hasn't quite tackled it successfully himself. Mutt always had her maternal priorities in order! You see, wearing a clip on, or pre-tied bowtie is UNACCEPTABLE every and any time. If you can't tie it, don't wear it...this includes babies and kids no matter how "cute".

Check out the regular weekly post Fridays are Tie Days by my brother (above) to get a sense of just how much ties mean to the Fox men.

(last two images 10engines, cheers buddy)


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