Wednesday, September 1, 2010

N is for Nautical

I do not have my sea legs and generally dislike the ocean (something about great big fish swimming in it that puts me off) but I love the nautical trend. Summers spent in Nantucket as children probably explain my love of rope bracelets, whales, anchors and buoys. There is no shortage of nautical inspired items and images out there if you are more seadog than landlubber.

Nautical Necklace

Anchor Rug

The Turk's Head Knot Rope Bracelet is something unique to the States, Eastern seaboard really. It is a preppy accessory that signals summers at the beach (Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Montauk?) and the story goes that you should wear it until it falls off as the only other way to remove it is to cut it off once it has shrunk to your wrist. In actual fact we always had to cut it off at summer's end before school started as there was a "no jewellery" policy at boarding school. The fact that they start off bright white and gradually turn a dirty grey with a wet dog smell, made it something you were happy to remove after the summer hols. Cue "rope bracelet tan line".

One enterprising young man, Kiel James Patrick has taken this prep staple and turned it into a fashionable accessory in a multitude of colors and patterns that is sure to cement the rope bracelet as a continued trend for a new generation. The website is literally soaking wet with over the top preppiness, but I applaud this young man's ingenuity and inventiveness, even if I can't help thinking that the simple original is still the best. I must be showing my age!

With the addition of a button (you choose the finish), you can take these bracelets off at anytime and re-wear them. Which is just as well as the $35+ price tag is a step up from the $4 bracelets of my youth.
Why not get yourself another preppy staple while you are at it?

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  1. Totally cute nautical stuff, thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment about my designs.
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