Friday, September 3, 2010

P is for Paisley

Set to be the next big trend, I am not sure I ever saw paisley disappear but I am a fan none the less. Paisley's history goes back centuries and has it's origins in Persia and India, but this famous "twisted tear drop" shape pattern gets its European name from the Scottish town of Paisley where the fabric was printed for a mass market in the 19th century. This design can get a little busy, and often has a more masculine feel to it (I am thinking Ralph Lauren 80/90s velvet smoking jackets and slippers with paisley print).

For an updated and decidedly more feminine Paisley look, you don't have to look far...

Amy Butler's Love Collection

(Image from Time Magazine)

Liberty Paisley Collections

Mark, designed in 1999.

Bourton, designed in the 1960s using archive designs for inspiration.

Liberty Print Bourton Shirt

As usual, you can't beat the Design*Sponge potted history for a comprehensive and eye candy filled guide. Enjoy!


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