Friday, November 5, 2010

Old school wheels for those tiny tikes

Yesterday I reposted about PlanToys featuring some beautifully simple wooden ride-ons for kids. Today, it is the turn of Restoration Hardware Baby and Child with their gorgeously shiny retro trikes and scooters. Love me some classic Radio Flyers as a rule, but these take it up a notch! Since realising that even a very petite 2 y/o girl (my Niece Honor) can whizz around on a scooter these days I can assure you that these beauties are not just for the boys in your life.

Just in case you do want a truly girly vehicle for your little one, surely there can be no better one than this!

Just don't look at the price tags...ouch

1 comment:

  1. fun toys with wheels for the little ones
    and design worth laying the eye upon for the grown-ups.
    great blog
    best wishes, <open house blog, Norway


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