Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Year On....

I left Britain almost exactly a year ago, to move to Vermont. I can hardly believe that a year has gone by and so much has happened in that time, not quite as I had expected but thrilling none the less. My plans to open a boutique here have been axed as I don't see a positive financial outlook in investing in a business here in a time that the economy is tough and businesses are closing rather than opening, for the most part. Anyway, that has given me much food for thought and I am undecided as to my next move but loving the life I have been introduced to here in the most beautiful part of the States, the Green Mountains.

So, I thought I would take a look back at some of the things I was writing about a year ago just in case you missed them the first time around.

Here goes...

Perhaps being an Aunt as opposed to a mother, causes me to lean towards the aesthetic in the toys I want to give to the little foxes in the family. Those toys that are unique and do not come with batteries, produce siren noises or have flashing lights! No doubt the wee ones prefer the all singing all dancing versions, but I can only hope they will appreciate the beauty of my choices, and use their imaginations to enhance their playtime. I am not a total purist when it comes to toys. I have a guilty pleasure for Playmobil, my brothers' having their Pirate Ship when we were kids, and me left wishing for their Dolls House.

' mission is to "create innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood. PlanToys incorporates thoughtful design and age-appropriate challenges to stimulate children's creativity. Our toys encourage healthy social interaction, promote natural learning and instil a sense of wonder."
PlanToys are made from non-chemically treated rubber wood, and their green principles of reducing waste and saving energy in the production of their toys are behind everything they do. They are inventive and unique with a simplicity in their design and vibrant colours that serve as a platform for children's imagination to run wild. These are toys that any parent would surely be happy to have cluttering up their home.

My picks for Oliver...

My picks for Noah...

My picks for Honor...

For the entire range of PlanToys delights, go here.


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