Monday, January 31, 2011

Not so wily Coyote

Imagine my surprise when I stepped out this afternoon and saw a coyote sauntering around our yard! Even more amazing was that it wandered up into our field and snuggled up in the horses' hay. Can you spot him?

Once the horses came over to have a chat, he decided to move on.

A while back I trapped a fisher cat (notoriously hard to do as these critters are vicious and crafty), which had been eating our chickens so this is just another example of my keenly honed nature skills. Maybe I should become a professional trapper or something, my talents are being wasted...


  1. I almost did, but then came to my senses...wouldn't do to accidentally shoot one of the horses. I know they are vermin/pests/pet and deer killers but he looked kind of sweet


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