Friday, February 4, 2011

Nutritional Therapy: Grape

There is one thing that I find annoying about the UK v USA, and that is that all purple coloured candy is blackcurrant flavoured in the UK, instead of the infinitely more delicious grape of the US. I admit this is not a tragedy on the scale of the impossibility of buying Magic Hat in Britain debacle, but it does suck. So with this particular frustration in mind, I am going to get my grape on with a purple tinged selection for you.
 Grape Soda Print Keep Calm Gallery

 Isabella Print Peggy Wolf

First Row:  Le Creuset Dutch Oven and Trivet, Williams Sonoma Potholders Emma Lamb, Multi Strand Silk Necklace Streeks. Second Row: Rebecca Dress Michelle Tan, Professional Patent Clogs Dansko, New Haarlem Candle Bond No. 9. Third Row: Felt Flower Headband Giddy Up & Grow, Vintage Jelly Jar Aquamarine Dream.

Tasty selection I hope you will agree?


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