Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"Working on the cusp of design and craft, TORD BOONTJE, the Dutch-born, London-based product designer combines advanced technologies with artisanal techniques to create exquisite glassware, lighting and furniture."- via The Design Museum, London.

Most recently, Tord has been appointed as a Professor and Head of Design Products at the Royal College of Art, London. Read more about it here. For me, his ethereal lights have a delicacy that is devine. They conjure up an other-worldly feel that is so unique. I have coveted his pieces for years and his Garland Light is one of my favourite possessions.

Icarus Light
"Poetic, lightweight and immaculately white, icarus reminds us of the human aspiration to flight: a link between us and the celestial light. Cut to resemble a bird’s wing, Icarus casts an unforgettable silhouette."- via Unica Home

Garland Light
The delicacy of the Garland Light is juxtaposed by the steel used to form it. Floral patterns and curling shoots wrap around the bulb to encase it in a delicate cocoon. The Garland Light is included in the permanent collection of MoMA in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Midsummer Garland Light

A delicately coloured take on the original Garland Light, the Midsummer collection consists of layers of forest creatures and foliage, creating a magical glow.

Come Rain Come Shine Light

The Come Rain Come Shine lamp, sponsored by the British Council, is manufactured by the Coopa Roca women's co-op in Rocinha, Rio de Janiero. Coopa Roca enables women to take part in a creative cottage industry that allows them to stay in their homes, whilst contributing financially to their families. "Come Rain Come Shine is part of Artecnica's Design With Conscience Program, which seeks to design and make products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally-friendly principles".- via Unica Home


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